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The cognitive realm is exploding with rumors, myths and curiosities about brain capacities and abilities. Many of these rumors lack  scientific grounds. Some are derivations of obsolete concepts that were discovered false decades ago. Michelle Wall and Olga Veillenberg from Brain-Guide's Resource Team have assembled the following articles for you to read and judge:

Breaking the Brain Age Myth

Biofeedback as a precursor to brain fitness

Increase Brain Function With Simple Exercises

The Link Between Brain Fitness and Self-Esteem

IQ Sonata: Use Music to Increase Your Brain Power

Guess What Helps You Increase Brain Power? 

Keeping It Fit!

Keeping It Fit! (Article No.2)


Speed Reading Real or Fiction? Is there any scientific evidence behind the "Speed Reading" courses and programs industry?
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Age and Brain Function
We all know (intuitively) that age must have some relation to a decrement in our brain function. Is it true? Can we prevent it from happening?
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Savants: The Rain-man is coming! Those who were initially considered as retards, now respected for their special abilities.
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Maximal Capacity
What's our maximal (potential) brain capacity? And what's all that noise about the 10% usage of our brain?
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