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Brain Games and Tools

Brain Games, Tools, Resources..

Most video and computer games, though seemingly "activate" the minds of young children, pose no intellectual challenge for them nor increase their cognitive abilities.

Why?Because video games were engineered for thrill and not for thought, arousing nothing but the visual cortex and the amygdala.

Unlike the above, the games presented here are targeted for brain improvement. These games were especially designed by cognitive psychologists, neurologists and psychiatrists to train the human brain, strengthen it and  enhance it's capacities.


1. For Online Checkers Click Here

2. For Online Hare and Hounds Click Here

3. For Online Chess Click Here

4. For Online Maze Generator Click Here

5. For Online Rubik's Cube Click Here

6. For Online Sliders Click Here


1. Quotations Trivia Click Here

2. Greek Mythology Trivia Click Here

3. 50's Music Trivia Click Here

4. 60's Music Trivia Click Here

5. Scientific Studies Trivia Click Here

6. Where in the world Trivia Click Here

7. Movie Trivia Click Here


1. Map Quiz Click Here

2. Math Quiz Click Here

3. HumanForSale Quiz Click Here

More Resources

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