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About Us

Welcome to Brain-Guide! This website is all about brain fitness and its implications on our results in life. "Use it or Lose it!" the saying goes, and it goes without saying that the better the brain - the better the results we achieve. This website deals with brain fitness for all age groups and purposes: from childhood to adulthood. Click Here to learn more about who's behing


There are many fictional brain boosting remedies around: from hypnosis audio scams to "Super subconscious mind development kits"... We feel sorry for people who fall victim to merciless pseudo-scientific marketing campaigns that promise everything and give back nothing.

We, at Brain-Guide support only Scientifically Designed  software, games and tools that were clinically proven to improve and enhance people's brain fitness level and cognitive function.


Stay up-to-date with what's new in the brain fitness arena. We're in the midst of the great brain fitness revolution. Click Here For Brain-News.


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Neural Plasticity in the ageing brain Click Here

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