Meet your Brain: An introduction

Guess what? Getting smarter isn’t a big deal.
The big issue actually, is to figure out what
abilities we need to improve. Solving puzzles and
reasoning questions will definitely boost our
attention, concentration and focus, but will not
improve our social skills or decision making style.

That’s why the top 2% scorers in the IQ tests
aren’t the richest, happiest most successful
people on the face of the earth. In fact,their wealth
statistics match those of the general population.

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How can that be?
-Well. That’s because IQ doesn’t count much
in real life. But Being smart does count.
It’s extremely Hard to succeed without being
smart, sharp, acumen and fast.

This site is will give you the tools with which
you’ll be able to “program” yourself to success.
All this by increasing the capacities of your brain
that do count in real life : memory, concentration
positive thinking, planning skills, goal setting,
prioritization, control, self discipline, adherence
and ongoing brain strengthening.

Backround: On Brain Research

It wasn't until the 20th century that humanity
gushed with an extraordinary number of scientific
revolutions. Some were sudden and noisy such as
the Theory of Relativity (1905, 1910). Others
quiet but just as profound. The "Brain Revolution", attributed
to a burst of new discoveries in the field of neuroscience during
the 1980's is an ongoing revolution. By now it had formed an
unprecedented knowledge base about brain's structure,
function, pathology and treatment.


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